28 November, 2009

life and Central Casting - Or, Some Major Tuna Sandwiching

I'm considering chucking the twitter account. I'm too deeply into facebook to dump it too, but I think I would if I could. I'm tired of it. And Twitter is too much for me; my life isn't interesting enough to merit an account. This sounds strange, coming from a person who is blogging, but to me it makes sense. Yes, blogs are more personal than facebook, but they are more out of the way. Private. There are about a zillion blogs out there, so it's perfectly possible that no one will ever find my little one. In fact, I'd be perfectly happy if it just floats quietly in cyberspace, my own little secret corner.

I've wasted the last two days, and it's made me moody. I wonder about my life. Will ever get married? Or have a job I like? Will I get into theatre? Or film? Do I have any talent at all? Is my desire to perform or create fueled by real passion for it all, or am I just attracted by the theatrical life? Am I ugly? Is it remotely possible that I could get an A in astronomy next semester?  (10 Feb - not a chance.  Dropped that class faster than you can say "IT'S ALL MATH!?")

In more recent news - I have to get my wisdom teeth out on the thirtieth of December; which means, according to the sheet of helpful facts about the wisdom tooth extraction process, that I will be ringing in the new year precisely 48 hours from the time of surgery. At 48 hours, the swelling of the patient's face will reach it's "peak". Happy New Year, indeed. Or as I will be saying it: "ha...ha....haaafeee...(mmfch, aow)...oo...eaaaaaaww." At least I get to keep my top set. I will be the wisest member of the family.

I take back all the mean things I have said or thought about Jane Eyre. I'm in chapter five (like I said, queen of procrastinating), and she's being very brave and, a few pages ago, stood up to her nasty aunt. Go Jane.

Ho-hum.  I feel like dumping everything, somehow moving to L.A. (or smell-A as my Geography prof calls it.) and getting a job as a movie extra. I'm not kidding. My friend Bonnie is a professional extra, and she works on films and TV shows all the time. She was Jim's brother's wife (so sister-in-law) on The Office this season, at Jim and Pam's wedding. She sat right behind Spock in the new Star Trek movie. She played a cult member on Monk and was told she looked the most convincing one. There are pictures of her in costume for Mad Men, Cold Case and who knows what else. I am quite jealous.

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