30 January, 2012

should odd acquaintance be forgot

So! I was re-reading bits of this here blog this evening. (Did you notice me speaking the way the natives in my adopted state do?  I also accidentally called a "cart" a "buggy" while working at my dreary retail job the other day, and almost had a sort of soul aneurysm right there in the scrapbooking department.)  And, anyways, I came across my new years' resolutions from last year:

Be less negative.
Enjoy idling again.
Give myself a break.  When I've done my best, leave it at that. 
And be a happier, more cheerful person in general.

And you know what?  I had completely forgotten that I'd made them at all. Which is so incredibly true-to-type of me that I almost can't bear it. So! I might try again.  Though I would also like to add:

See the rest of Wes Anderson's movies.
Read my Bible every day starting now, not tomorrow.
Do things for other people as often as possible.

It was an excellent year, last year.  And this year has come in with a bang like no other.  A very deeply contented boom, more than a bang.