11 January, 2011


Okay.  I have a couple of things that I have to talk about or I will never get to sleep.
To begin with, I just watched Billy Elliot like an hour ago for the first time. My gosh.  What a movie.  I'm actually shrieking about it in my head (and hopping up and down a great deal) but I'll spare you, my dear blog.  But what a movie.  Gosh. 
Also, it is still ice land here.  I didn't go to work or school today.  There aren't any snowplows here - it snows so infrequently that it isn't worth it - so there doesn't seem to be much hope for tomorrow either.  I love this snow-plow-less town.  The joy of staying home was almost too much for me.  I nearly died. This is thrilling in different way than Billy Elliot was, but extremely pleasing nonetheless. 
I am enjoying life right now.  The dog is snoozing at the foot of the bed.  I'm tired and know now I'll sleep well.  I'm reading two books about idling. Good cheer abounds. The alarm clock is off.  I have to take a bath tomorrow.  The world is wonderful.