21 November, 2009

Library, how I love thee

It really amazes me that, in this day and age, libraries still exist. And also, I almost can't believe that the "Book Mobile" exists as well.  I can request a book from a library in San Marcos, and some tireless worker will load it into the Book Mobile, drive it down, and, within a week or two of my request, I can toddle of to my library and pick it up. How cool is that?
I adore my local library and go there probably every week. Not only is it clean, new, and run by helpful, pleasant, intelligent people, it has the best used bookstore attached to it. At this shop, if you do a little hunting, you can find Agatha Christie paperbacks, brand-new Pelican Shakespeares, classics, kids books and thrillers - all in great shape - for one dollar. Probably close to half of my modest personal library (400 books or so) at one time belonged to the Friends of the Rancho San Diego Library. The shop ladies are so sweet as well, they comment on your purchases (the other day I bought Tess of the D'Ubervilles - singularly depressing - and the checkout lady said, "Oh, Thomas Hardy! When I was younger I read all of his books. I think I might have started with Tess. I'm certainly gad I didn't start with Jude the Obscure. Woomph"), offer you paper bags to carry your books in, and chat amiably about the weather. When I am old, I hope I am half as nice as they are.

This is my library.  Isn't it lovely?  I know that place better than the back of my hand. 

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