24 September, 2013


I learned in geology class today that acid rain is EATING marble statues and temples and other VERY IMPORTANT AND IRREPLACEABLE THINGS! We can't afford to let them get eaten! They're broken up enough as it is! GAH!

I am very concerned about this. I can't even enjoy my ice cream.

Coincidentally, I am also taking Greek Art and Mythology class this term, so my awareness of the importance and beauty of these statues and temples is at an all time high. 

Apparently in some places covers are being built over things to protect them - but it seems like bailing out a sailboat with a teaspoon. According to Wikipedia there's also a thing called stone sealer that could be used to protect stuff, but I have to wonder how much stone sealer it would take to cover, say, all the buildings on the acropolis. 

Obviously, the only solution left to us is to stop driving cars, using cows and breathing.  It's for an extremely good cause, so comfort yourself with that.  In time you won't even miss any of it.