13 April, 2013

I don't want to jinx it...

But I think spring is finally here.   Everyone's cars are tinted yellow because of the pollen, and it's perpetually creeping in under doors and dusting windowsills. Dad left the door open the other day, and tons of it got on Carly's piano. Which I thought was funny, but I don't think she particularly appreciated it.

Mom has all of a sudden gone green!  She's checked out books on home-made cleaning solutions and skincare, and she's planting seeds. Dad built planting beds and a compost bin out of wood scraps, and the new official goal is to have only recycling and compost - no trash at all.

In a moment of expansion, she said she also wanted a goat to trim the lawn, but she's recanted that.  Which I think is probably a good thing, though it would have been marvelously entertaining to see how a goat and our dog and cats took to each other.   I think it would have chased us, which would have been fun.
Another reason to go green - you get the most adorable soap ever. 

I, for one, am all for these measures.   I'm always game for her adventures and schemes.  She says we would have been good hippy roommates.  Really, I just go along with anything she suggests.  I fought hard by her side in the war of "to buy or not buy a microwave" when we moved to Arkansas, because she is afraid of the "rays" they put out. I mainly fought against it because all microwaves are ugly and they cook your food in a weird way. Sadly, we lost that fight.