04 November, 2009

I might be a genius

As the title of this modest post declares, I recently discovered that I might be a genius.

What circumstances could have given rise to this belief? Well, let me tell you -

Yesterday, I correctly guessed the solution to an Agatha Christie.
Some people (I wanted to say some ignorant people, but restrained myself) would think (again, impulse to add the word "foolishly") that guessing the solution to an Agatha Christie mystery is an easy thing. This is completely untrue.

If I'm going to be scientific about things, I'll give you compelling evidence for the validity of this last statement.

My grandpa - a very smart guy, soon to be 90 - wanted to be a linguist when he was younger. When he went into the army, he planned on being trained as an engineer, but tested so high on the medical portion of a test, that the army asked (told) him to be a doctor instead, and he worked as a surgeon until retirement. If you're not impressed by all that... I don't know what to say.  He can answer every Jeopardy question - and I mean every question.  That's how smart. (Plus, the man is Mr. Bennet. No joke. And my grandma pretty much is Mrs. Bennet.)

On a visit to their house one day, I took an Agatha Christie with me. When grandpa saw it he said, "So you read Agatha Christie?"
"Oh, yeah."
He chuckled, " 'the little gray cells', eh?"
Later that day, my mom asked him - smart, smart grandpa, remember - if he could guess the solution to Agatha Christie novels.
"Yeah," he said "you can guess. But you guess wrong!"

If this is not proof of my possible brilliance, I don't know what is.

Um, er...that or it could be, like, the easiest Agatha Christie on earth. The Mirror Crack'd From Side to Side.
No! No! Repress that thought! You were brilliant for a moment there, kid!

EDIT: 3 March
No worries, Kels - you are certainly brilliant.  You guessed who done her in in Murder in Mesopotamia, how the murders were committed in Pale Horse and guessed everything in Elephants Can Remember - all in the past month.  You are a genius.  I bow to you.
"who done her in" was a joke, by the way.  I'm a genius so, obviously, I would never actually talk like that.

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