13 November, 2009

Triumph! (spoken in a declamatory style, with large hand gestures)

This has nothing to do with anything really, but tonight I - faultlessly, I must say - ran a light board for a theatre show at my school. I'm terribly proud of this. It's kind of a nerve-wracking job; or at least it is for me. (Edit Jan 8: really, everything is nerve-wracking for me.  I'm going to die from all the years of unnecessary stress when I'm 30.)  Wrecking the lighting It isn't like missing a sound cue; if a door opens too soon or a phone doesn't ring, the show can go on. But if I mess up, plunge the stage into darkness, the show really cannot go on. I've been very nervous during the rehearsals, and during the first show. I mean, my finger tips leave damp spots when I move my hand away from the board, I'm so nervous. But tonight was - at least for me - and A performance. Not quite an A plus, but certainly a passing grade. Yes!

Well, the Queen of Procrastinating must depart - she is late for a meeting with the Literary Analysis paper Rough Outline due tomorrow at ten, which, until this moment has not received even a passing thought. (with a wave of her dainty, gloved hand) Thank you for being here today.

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