31 August, 2010

Blog, meet Charles Harper.  Like, the coolest guy ever.

28 August, 2010

School sort of stinks.  Maybe it will get better when we're not reading Plato, done with MLA quizzes and into the Revolutionary War.  I have doubts.
But drown thy sorrows in hot chocolate, music downloads and yogurt with granola, directionless youth. 
And also try to banish unhappiness by admiring clothes from American Apparel.

It didn't work.  Now I just feel sorry that I wear sweatshirts. 
I need to be a bit more cheerful to you, blog.  Not whine about boring things.  

10 August, 2010


I have some news, blog.

Did you catch that?  Once again I'd like to tell you, my dear blog (in a contrasting font, to make it even more exciting), that-

This afternoon.  And it's going to be perfect.  It's a cafe/bakery here in town that has regulars, cookies with flowers on them, and needs a gawky college student to smile and work a cash register between the hours of ten and two.  I start next week.
The reason I announced this so exuberantly, blog, is because this is technically the first job I have ever gotten where I didn't already have an in or knew the employer.  None of my relatives work there.  It was just me.  I am basically terrified, but very proud.

05 August, 2010


I have had, like, an awesome couple of days.  Wanna know why, blog?  Huh?  Do you?
1. Because Pomplamoose gets cooler by the second (that started happening yesterday, and the coolness has been increasing exponentially since then).
2. Because, via their website, Pomplamoose introduced me to Marc Johns.  I'm probably the only person on earth who didn't know about him (I tend to be the not-in-the-know person quite often) but I'm going to do some mad posting anyways.  Because how cool is this:

I mean... rad.

03 August, 2010


1.  I am slightly in love with Wade Johnston and Anthony Michael Hall (circa 1985) at the moment.  At least they're not dead.  Wade Johnston probably has a slight lead on Anthony Michael Hall.  Because he plays ukulele.  And is not twenty-two years older than me.

2. I have five Agatha Christie books left.  Five, heaven help me! Possibly four.  What the heck will I do when I've read them all?  I've re-read most of them already, so that's not a solution.  Read books  I haven't read already?  Expand my horizons?  Read books on the dumb list I've made?
Well, that's a stupid suggestion.

3. I would like to learn harmonica.

4. The only mildly illegal thing I think I have ever done is trespass.   One time, at about ten at night, the cat got out and I climbed into the neighbor's backyard to catch the bugger.   And I think I might have ridden in the back of someone's truck once.
But you know what?  I don't feel that I have not-lived because I've never done anything illegal.  I feel I've not lived because I've never been to England.  I'm quite content to abide the law.

5.  I wish I was prettier.  But there's really no point getting in a twist about it.

6.   Have you ever noticed that almost all female singers (I mean, like, people who make albums and go on tours and lead moderately successful musical lives) are good - but a huge percentage of popular male singers are not?  I wonder why bad-ness is okay with guys.  I suppose because it's just endearing.

7.  I don't like flip flops.  At all.  I know they're comfortable, but they just look silly.  On me, at least.  They rob me of the molecule of dignity I have.

8.  I am getting an English degree.  Did I probably already mention this?  It's just a strange thought.  ("major in YouTube."  That's a little quote by Wade Johnston, there.  Yeah.  Don't judge me.  I was on his channel for like half an hour today.  I love the YouTube people.   The whole little funny pack of them. Pomplamoose is on there, did you know that?  I bought one of their albums on itunes a month or so ago, and then today, wham-o! There they were singing songs with my best friend Wade!  How fun is that?  Isn't fun fun?)

9. I got two of my new textbooks the other day.  They are dull.  Why am I always disappointed, every semester, to learn this inevitable fact yet again?  Textbooks are boring, Kelsey.  They just are.  They will never not be.

10.  And, last and least, I would like to do something to my hair.  I am incapable of leaving it in it's natural state.  It is asking to be died, fried, chopped or in some other way destroyed.  Wa ha ha ha.