02 May, 2012

rest in peace.

Every time I add an image to a blog post from my picasa web albums or whatever they are, I am filled with remorse.  Because on picasa web albums I see the ashes of the blogs I once have had and which have been deleted.  Black holes of the interweb.  Far too many.  I have 116 files in my "blog titles" folder.  I am ashamed.  But! I am also in a confessional mood.
So, for your consideration, the headers.
Let's not discuss the dozens of times I switched the title of this very blog from "Amateur Idler" to the more appropriate, but slightly ambiguous "We Ate Tuna Sandwiches".  Because it pains me.
Ah, yes!  Now, this here was a private blog on which I was meant to track my progress on a travel book I tried to write.  I know, right?  It's laughable!
Here we have one of the few worthwhile blogs I've made - a book review site.
And an entirely awful blog is up next.  I had this curly image under the header of "The Skinny", another private tracking blog, this one for weight, on which I posted pictures of slim famous people as motivation.  Not particularly healthy, but moving on!

After this a style blog ("yet another style blog") and a Deep Thoughts blog ("think think think") were born and died before I could give them custom headers.
A blog I still own but which is largely stupid and abandoned now - idelheart began as a repository for pretty pictures and quotes - basically just stuff I found and liked.
Another one that is yet living, if just barely - shared with my sister, meant to be a place to dump all the fashion-y pictures I had cluttering my laptop.
Possibly one of my best.  V for Victory, entirely devoted to writing on idling.  I was very proud of the look of that blog.
Frankly, I have no idea what this one was. The sub-heading was "The Austen Project" from what I can find.  I think it had something to do with eating well and taking long walks, but I really don't recall.
Another blog still cluttering the inter-web.  At this time, the peak of my Audrey obsession, I began collecting an alarmingly large number of pictures of her and needed somewhere to put them.
Had more headers made for it than it did actual content.  Seriously, there are like twelve variations for this one.
Meant to be, like, a big collective of coolness where I'd get tons of contributors.  A cool idea, but never particularly feasible.

A personal favorite, about attending community college.  I could still write this one. I have more than enough material.  And I'm still rather keen on that header there.
This one is particularly melancholy.  A fairly long-lived style and design blog.  I like the name still and am tempted to re-use it.
Pullover 365 - I was supposed to draw something and then upload said drawing every day.  There are literally five pictures in there.
More idling.  This post is getting way, way too long.
Recently deceased pretty stuff depository blog.
Still barely living.  Book reviews.  Briefly housed a project where I tried to read a book every day.  I didn't get much sleep during that period of my life.
Lived like one day, seriously.  Visually nice stuff was the intended subject, I think.

And, last but not least and also still living:
An "art" blog.  Heavy emphasis on the quotes there.

Oh man.  I knew this was going to be bad - but this bad?  I am almost too ashamed to say anything.
This is why I can never get a tattoo.  I can't make up my mind.  I'd like it for ten minutes and then curse myself for a fool as soon as I got out to the car to drive home.

Goodnight.  I'm going to go hide under a rock now.