28 June, 2012

Thank you! I think!

So here's the deal:

I was born in (the most glorious of months) May, on the 31st, to be precise.  My boyfriend was born on June 2nd, a mere two days later.  If we get married we have decided to do it on the first so the collected weight of so many things to remember will make it impossible to forget.

But!  On my birthday, I realized that people were probably putting things on my facebook. While turning on my laptop (it makes the most wonderful grinding and moaning noise when I switch it on, as if it is upset that I want to use it) my sister came galloping into the room.  "Have you seen what Craig put on your page??" She asked, grinning manically.

"No" I said.

I went on my page.  This is what I found:

Yep! That's my baby! He's a scruffy drummer studying film who likes hiking, depressing music and cheese.

To explain the "ghost", It's actually a black Santa tree topper that I bought for him (back before we were an item, thank you!) when the Christmas stuff at my place of employment when into really deep sale mode.  We enjoyed that all the white Santas and angels had the traditional red outfits, but the black Santas and angels had these shiny leopard and cheetah print costumes.  Craig imagines that he will be able to sell it to some museum one day for millions of dollars, proving that blatant stereotyping still existed in large-scale chain retail shops in 2011.

But! I was, as you may imagine, touched and possibly a little disturbed by this gesture.  And, obviously, I knew I needed to reciprocate.  With only one evening to throw it all together, I set about making my own birthday tribute.
I knew I couldn't top that for creepy - no one could - so I decided to go a different route.

We're an odd pair.

25 June, 2012

Music Dept., this is Kelsey.

Guess where I am RIGHT NOW?

Before you guess some place that's actually cool, like Iceland or Colorado, I will tell you.
I am currently sitting behind a rather unattractive reception desk in the dinky, freezing office of the Music Department Division of Performance Studies at my beloved university.

Yes! I am one of those lucky, lucky students shamelessly availing themselves of fellow students' tuition money by doing almost NOTHING and calling it work-study.  I started last week and I can already say that this is, without a doubt, the smartest employment decision I have ever made.

The fact that I am writing a blog post while "working" is a pretty clear indicator of how dull and free this kind of job is.  I have spent a large majority of my time working here reading A Walk in the Woods for the millionth time and sketching band logo ideas. No joke.

Here's how a typical day might run down:
  • Arrive, and sit reading for an hour, waiting for something to do.
  • A small task, such as shredding a stack of paper, is given to me and I am happily occupied for about fifteen minutes. 
  • I sit some more.  Maybe check facebook or sketch for a bit. 
  • A phone rings.  I transfer a call.
  • More sitting. 
  • I go home. 
I'm not kidding! This is what it's like!  I can hardly believe my luck.  Once I got to deliver an inter-office memo envelope across campus.  What an adventure it was! 

Oo.  The boss just came in.  I might get to go get a paper from Purchasing! (What is Purchasing, anyways? I haven't the foggiest.)

I've got to go. Important business is afoot!  Papers must be carried! Things must be signed!  Sticky notes must be stuck!

I love this job.