06 November, 2009

Blah and Babysitting

To be honest, I spent this entire morning doing nothing. Or nearly nothing.  it was lovely.

I watched Possession - one of the very few movies, in my personal opinion, that might be better than the book it is adapted from. The Da Vinci Code and, especially, Angels and Demons are also certainly among this group. Movies that are better than the book are few and far between, but they do exist.  (10 Feb - on a side note, I just read Dan Brown's new thriller, The Lost Symbol. They get wackier every time.  The man is a master at writing gut-clenching cliffhangers, even if he's not so great at, like, coming up with remotely believable plots.  And the whole "the Bible just wants us all to coexist, man! So chillax!" thing?  That doesn't work.  The Bible cannot coexist and be true.  I'm about to veer off into Rant-land, so it's time to move away from the desk.)

I started a load of laundry. Doing laundry is one of my least favorite jobs. My second to the least favorite is cleaning floors - I'm profoundly OCD about hair - and my least favorite of all is babysitting for a certain local family who shall remain nameless, but who pay about three dollars an hour (not kidding), have the nastiest house on earth, a dog who must have some unable-to-hold-it-disease because it cannot keep it's pee off the kitchen floor, and a child who - seriously - will do nothing. I ask if she wants to play a game, go outside, color, do a craft, watch a movie, read, play with barbies, with legos, with dolls, with cars, with matches, with just one of the millions of nasty plastic toys in their living room - in the living room, for heaven's sake - and she says:
I ask what she wants to do.
She doesn't know.
She just sits there and looks at you. And occasionally barks like a dog. For seven hours.
I am about the most mercenary person on earth, and even I refuse to work for them. It taxes your sanity - not worth the money.

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