10 April, 2011


I can't go to sleep.  I wish I did something productive when I'm up like this.  Apparently the Owl City guy started making his music at night when he couldn't sleep, and now he's probably a zillionaire.  I've got to find something.  Music is, unfortunately, not an option.  Hmm.

We saw Hanna this afternoon and I keep expecting to find Tom Hollander in a lilac track suit waiting menacingly behind the bathroom door.  I liked it.  I think.  I know I liked her hair, if nothing else.  How shallow of me.

By the way, I went to school for an advising appointment and met the head of the art dept. the other day.  Nice old chap.  Doubt you're interested, but I'd like to mention that this fall they're starting a BFA program in studio art.  Yeah.  I'm pretty jazzed about that.  Seems like, I don't know, PERFECT TIMING?  Yesssss.

Well, I'm going to bed now.  Goodnight moon.