01 May, 2010

Okay, do these:
Sorts of quizzes crack anybody else up?  Gosh.  I mean, if you know Austen pretty well (or even just the movies, really) you can totally figure out what answer leads to who and make sure you end up with Marianne. I tried to answer truthfully, and was surprised to get Elizabeth.  I usually consider myself pretty darn Anne Elliot-y.  Or maybe I'm more Elinor-ish. Ah, well.  I suppose we'll just have to be content with Lizzie. 
The only quiz result I've been truly satisfied with - and, just so you know, I do not take these dumb quizzes very often - was a how similar are you to Dan Bergstein one on Sparkslife.  I answered with complete honestly, and the questions were not obvious at all, yet I got like a 92.  So ha ha.  I take all the victories I can get. 
That's all I have to say really.  So I guess it was just an boasting post.  Boast post.  Ha.  Oh dear. 
Quick question for other Austen freaks - does Jennifer Ehle ever stand on a floor like that in the movie?  I just don't remember that floor in the BBC film.  I know Keira Knightly does in the whole "look how beautiful Pemberly is don't you wish you'd said yes" scene. Can this perplexing mystery be solved by any other means than sitting down and watching both adaptations together?  It's a means to the answer which, may I say, can't be proposed lightly.  It's like eight hours of concentrated sitting.  And, in my opinion, even worse than watching, say, the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy. At least each Lord of the Rings movie is a different story, and if I plead extreme sensitivity to violence or Gollum I get to cover my eyes and take short dozes during the fight scenes. It's really quite a restful movie when you cover your eyes during the fighting.  Just a lot of elves floating about.

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