23 May, 2010

"Bye, bye Basil!"

Everything is standing a toss or keep inspection at the moment, even books and blogs. I apologize heartily to all the blogs I un-followed.  I doubt you care whether one geek in California un-follows you or not, I still feel sorry. But, it is time to simplify! Everything must go! Besides the practical (and rather uninspiring) advantage in having less stuff while moving, I don't want so many things.  Too much stuff.
Although, I don't want less books.  I've done three exceedingly painful go-through sessions with my mom sitting on a chair saying heartless things like, "You have two copies of A Severe Mercy? Why do you have two copies?" and "Ugh, That Pickwick Papers looks moldy." And then I have to hotly explain why two copies are necessary and besides they're both paperback, and it isn't moldy it just looks moldy because we bought it at that falling-down shop downtown that was going out of business. And moldy cover or not it's still quite readable, it just smells a teensy bit...

We gather today in memory of all the worthy books who served their owner well, and have now moved on to a better place. (Goodwill.)
Oh dear, a whole lovely memorial service is playing itself in my head.

To commemorate the getting-rid-of of so many fine books, here are two notable graduates from the Mostly Used Sometimes New Always Loved library of yours truly.

Ugliest cover:

And it's broken in half.  One of her weird world domination by evil science ones, if I remember rightly.
Prettiest cover (or at least, Prettiest Spine):

That is very nice looking, I think.  
Aren't book covers fun?  My new obsession is book covers.

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