16 May, 2010

Here's the question, blog.  Should I go - actually attend - at the best college I can get into? Or get an online degree while trying to start work in my intended field, which doesn't require a college degree?  On the one hand, earning a degree from a better institution would probably be a better choice if my work doesn't... work out.  On the other, is it worth the time and money going to a good college when I'm dying to get to work, and may not use my degree anyways?
Help.  What do I do, blog? I don't know where I'm headed next semester - and that's scary.


  1. Do what makes you happy. If you start working, are you still going to be able to go to college in a couple years, if that work doesn't work out? Life's too short to spend it doing things you don't want to do. And when it doubt, go with your gut.

    But that's just my opinion. =)


  2. You know how sometimes people have to tell you what you're thinking? Thanks. You're 100% right.