06 May, 2010

I'm lost, lost, lost.

Not actually.  I just couldn't think of a post title.

Actually, I am lost. Bewildered or terrified may be more the right word.
I'm writing my second English essay (well, obviously, I'm not - I'm here being a first-class procrastinator) for British Lit this week.  Eeks.  I'm probably a theatre major - maybe graphic design - the only essays expected of me thus far in my education have been semi-illiterate theatre critiques and compare and contrast papers. I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO DO THIS.  I don't know how to pick apart sentences and explain why the author used that word there and this one here! Yikes.
Why I chose Paradise Lost for my book, I don't know.  We just read some fun pieces from The Spectator, William Congreave, and A Modest Proposal for pity's sake! - all wacky things I could have found a lighthearted thesis to write on.  But I somehow thought up views of hell in Paradise Lost.  What was I thinking? Not only do I have no clue - I mean, not even a smidgen of a notion - how to write literary analysis in the first place, how do I approach the exceedingly delicate topic of hell gently?  I mean, torture vs. torment is my theme! Let's just plow right in there, Kelsey! Oh boy.


  1. Just from reading this post, I had a very strong feeling that we'd get along rather well. =)