24 March, 2010

Inspired by this fantastic blog (and I mean inspired.  This is the most inspiring blog I have ever run across.  And I've done some blog stalking in my time, let me tell you.), I am writing a live list.  I always say things like, "oh, I have to do that before I die" - now it's officially time to write all those things down. Or at least all the ones I can remember.

Watch a sunrise from a field (preferably a field in England)
Mess about in a boat
Walk through a cool wood.
Embrace my inner nerd and go to a renaissance faire
Paint a watercolor and give it to my mum 
Find a becoming hat that will fit my giant head - Victory! After literally cramming every semi-attractive hat within reach onto my melon of a head, I finally found one that fits at forever 21 in the men's section! You have no idea how triumphant I feel.
See some Shakespeare - Hamlet at the rep and Twelfth Night at the Old Globe.  Both incredible.
Fly a kite (possibly a homemade one?)
go to the beach - without the fuss.  No lugging stuff,stuff, stuff
wear perfume every day
plant a garden
teach the dog to stay
Sew something
learn to like tea
pick a wildflower bouquet
wear a dress to school. 
Send a letter
learn to knit
learn a language
learn to comfortably use the metric system and European shoe sizing. (I am a 40)
train myself to stand up straight, like Audrey Hepburn
learn to pick a lock


  1. I am confident you will love the ren fair. (And if the fact that I refer to it as the "ren fair" isn't a clue that I'm a HUGE nerd myself, then I don't know what is.)

    Thanks for your kind words and inspiring list. I've posted a link to it here.

  2. Ha! I'm pretty excited to check that one off, actually. And I've decided that the fair I attend has to have some sort of reenactment - I'm going to get the whole experience!

    Thank you for inspiring the list in the first place! What a great thing to spread around.

  3. You're certainly allowed to steal items from my live list, haha. :) And yes, I can't wait to pick a lock!