27 March, 2010

live list: a golden afternoon, indeed

So, this morning, I intended to wander around on the hill behind our house and pick some flowers - check something off my live list.  I put on my adventure boots (or, ugly brown horse boots as mummy calls them), pulled on the first clothes I could find, and convinced my sister to come with me.  I did pick a few flowers, but after a while we just wandered and sat. I wanted to do a charming themed post, but I'm too lazy. It's a lazy, lovely day.

Cee is in love with this blog.

We stuck flowers in her hair. We wished there were daisies  to make a daisy chain out of. We wished we knew how to make daisy chains.

In spite of the road just below, and the houses surrounding, and the power lines in the background, it was rather perfect. 
I think I can check off the flower-picking from my list.  We got the essence of what I wanted, even without taking the flowers home. If that makes sense.

Just a bit of silliness, really. 

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