21 March, 2010

I'm planning my life.  How ridiculous that sounds.
I never thought I would ever find myself so carefully sketching my dream house and making lists of the essentials I would need to furnish it, but I am.
With the possibility of a house, custom-built for not too much money in view, I can see a sort of Wind in the Willows life for myself, with a hint of Walden; armchairs, fireplaces, a light, airy house on the bank of some slow-moving river or lake, a dock, a boat tied to the end of it, a neat vegetable plot occupying a corner of the garden.  Five years ago, this vision would have seemed nice or picturesque, but I wouldn't have wanted it.  Now, I can think of nothing better.

Essentially, this will be my house:

This will be my boat:

 And this will be my library:

What a silly girl I am.  But dreaming and sketching is rather fun.