15 December, 2009

I have a question to pose to the world -

How could you not like reading?
Really, how is that possible? I just don't understand. What do you do with your time if you don't read? I mean, you can't spend your whole life on facebook. At some point you'll be computer-less or the power will go out or something will prevent you from writing another clever comment or "what's on your mind?" What will you do then? What will you do on an airplane in the 20 minutes of no technology time? Stare at the seat in front of you? Flip through Sky Mall? No! You can read a good book for heaven's sake!

I understand people's aversion to certain books. I've never finished a single Tolstoy or Dostoyevsky - why would I want to when The Giver or Pride and Prejudice sit invitingly, just a bookshelf away? I understand not liking those tough, three-inch-thick books and am a hearty advocate of readerly pleasure. But how can a person not like any books at all? How is that possible?

Okay, sorry. Rant over.

Finals week is coming to a close - Mythology is the last stress inducer to go through. There's only the grade anxiety to go through and then everything really will be over. After that, I taste sweet freedom. So far, I've got an A in one class, and have a good chance for As in three others. Mythology is the only chancy one. I'll probably end up with a B. At this point, that's fine with me.

I am going to post this now, and then have a ceremonious homework deleting and burning party. It is a tradition I enjoy very much.

P.S. It irks me that this blogger thingy takes away the second space between sentences. I type them and they get taken out. Everything looks squashed together without that space. Call the waaambulance.

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