20 December, 2009

The pot realized, with a cold shock, that she really was black.

I’ve decided to give up on making this a useful blog. Unfortunately, my tendency to just blab about myself took over, and for the past few weeks I've just been writing drivel about my life.  To heck with it.

It's ridiculous that I write a blog, because I am a bit scornful of the whole shareshareshare thing going on nowadays. Facebook, Twitter especially - people just tell every little thing about their lives. It's absurd. I don't care that you refinished your bathroom cabinet doors. Or got a new set of super-cute checkerboard shoelaces! I heart them! Or - that you made tuna sandwiches for dinner.

So there you go.
This is my tuna sandwich spot online, where I get to tell all the insignificant events of my life.  I figure my blabbing will be more out of the way here. I mean, I don't want to clutter my facebook friends' home pages with updates about myself. Here I won't bother anyone.

Plus, my father advocates blogging - "it will improve your writing skills" Say it like an infomercial! Call within the next 15 minutes and receive the bonus spelling improvement package absolutely FREE! does not include shipping and handling - $39.99

Plus plus, I read a ton of Agatha Christie and have noticed that Miss Bates types are often murdered simply because they are annoying. I am a rather blabby person, so getting thoughts out on a blog, instead of irritating friends and family with endless chatter, seems like a worthwhile precaution to take. Never a bad idea to be on one's guard, what?

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