13 December, 2009

Norma Jean

I saw something the other day - for the first time - which has re-ignited my determination to learn to play ukulele.

Some Like It Hot.

When she gurgled, "I play the ukulele, and I sing" I gave a loud, exultant, "AHA!" and did a fist pump.  I mean, if this does not prove that the ukulele is an awesome instrument, I don't know what could. Seriously.

I love how the girl on the right is looking straight into the camera. Glaring, really.

I found the chords for this song online; now I have only to master it and Marilyn's walk and my life will be complete.

Only recently did I see my first Marilyn Monroe film, and was amazed; She's incredibly funny. And, this is said rather grudgingly, she is gorgeous. I used to always say that I thought she looked trashy - I'm an Audrey Hepburn fan, remember. Those two women are, like, exact opposites. But you know what? When I finish an Audrey Hepburn movie, I go away telling myself I have to go on a diet. Whereas with Marilyn Monroe movies, I never feel that way. You'd think I'd be jealous of her looks, but instead, after watching her I feel sort of... empowered maybe?  It's like - just wear the most flattering clothes you can, love yourself, and then forget about it.  She's such a nice, normal size.  Refreshing, what?

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