29 March, 2011


Facebook is very boring to me right now.  The internet in general is not filling my heart with joy these days.  (Though it is worth pointing out that the internet has never filled my heart with joy.  The internet has sucked away many hours of my life in a happy, mindless blur is a more accurate description.)

Had a very feminine chat at work with the boss about weight and how much we'd like to loose and how she wishes she looked like me and I wish I looked like her.  I felt very normal and girly for a bit there.  I never have those sort of chats, you know.

Feeling drab.  Although I must say, I actually like my hair right now.  Finally I think I have a semi-flattering cut.  Wouldn't it be nice if, at the age of 20, I got my grooming act together?  I'd like to be somewhat in control of my appearance by the time I turn 21. Which is in May.  Gah.

I feel like the year whizzed by.  Really.  Like I was just whining about turning twenty, and here I am on the brink of true, alcoholic adulthood.  It's all very distressing. I was somewhat consoled yesterday when a guy in my history class said, "You're like 17, aren't you?" He might have been exaggerating or fibbing or misled by my naive behavior and general clumbsiness or something, but it still made me feel better.  Why I should be glad not to look my age is a question I honestly can't answer.  I don't feel old enough to be twenty - I guess I'm just glad I don't look it either.

So! Here's something good and solid - I am going in for an advising appointment at my soon to be uni on monday.  Big-time planning of my future will, I think, be on the agenda.
You, my dear blog, know as much as anybody how I've struggled over choosing a major.  You've lent a weary ear many a time to my whining on the subject.  My knickers, to use a slightly vulgar but completely appropriate phrase, have been in a twist over it for about five years.  I don't want to get all pomp and ceremony about this, but I think I finally know what I'm going to do.  Art - illustration emphasis probably. Might double major in English because I practically have the degree already and want to take English classes anyways.  A French minor is under consideration.
So... yep. That's the plan.



  1. I feel like if I don't have anything terribly witty or clever to put as my facebook status, then why even bother. Because of that, I've been avoiding facebook as well. Ho Hum.

    And an English degree is ALWAYS a good idea. ALWAYS. (Oh, did I mention I got my degree in English?) Do it. You will love it.

  2. Yes! Exactly. I can't come up with anything clever lately.

    Good. It is always nice to hear people say something is a good idea. I think I'll love it too.