06 March, 2011

My sister is going to be a movie star or something.  
This is her formal dress and - can you believe this? - my mom sewed it.  In these rather crummy pics, she was trying it on for the first time.  You should have seen it when it was finished and pressed.

How classy is this kid?  16, and she wants a dress like this. The formal has a hollywood theme, and Cee decided she wanted to do a sort of Audrey Hepburn dress.  She drew a picture and they found a pattern that matched.  The white part is actually the top of dress E from the pattern, the black is dress C. Mom figured out how to mix the two together.  You should see it up close - it looks like a piece of couture.  The lining is incredible.  I am so in awe of her sweet sewing skills.  She's made some awesome halloween costumes for us - but this goes way, way beyond my Annie dress and Cee's Sandy suit.

I'm wickedly excited to see what my sister is like in about five years.  She's about a million times classier and smarter than I was at her age.  Darn cool is she.  Cooler shall she become.  (I wrote that in a Yoda voice, by the way.  I'm sort of appalled that "Yoda" doesn't bother my spell check, but "Beatles" does.)
I'm lucky to be her sister.  Plus, if she becomes a movie star, I can be a hanger-on in her entourage and attain one of my old career dreams.  Yessss.

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