03 March, 2011

famous people I am fond of

Have recently been doodling pictures of people I admire.  I'm igeneration, I will share.  I'm also going to say why I like the person.

William Shakespeare

Why:  He wrote stuff like "two star-cross'd lovers, take their life" "Oh brave new world" and other similarly famous and pleasant things.  He wrote characters like King Lear and Hamlet that are difficult and interesting. He wrote plays, like Twelfth Night, which are funny.  Also, reading his work is rather challenging, which makes it more fun when you get it.  Also, when you get it, you can feel very superior and mock actors who obviously don't understand what they're saying.

I would like to emulate this famous person's writing skills.  I would like to be able to understand the human mind as well as he seemed to do.  I would also like to be good at poetry.


  1. love the drawing. he kind-of told every story there is, really. like any modern plot-line worth mentioning has Shakespearean elements. very cool.

  2. I know, right? Absolutely everything. It's just amazing.

  3. he wrote plays for people who couldn't read and about pimps and hoes (measure for measure). Quite an admirable trait indeed. ps, your Shakespeare has the same hair style as Kevin from The Office, which is great.

  4. And somehow he's an English lit god. Chaucer too - and he's way out there. "Bawdy" doesn't begin to cover it. I'll never understand literature.

    Exactly like Kevin! Ha! Man that's great.