04 December, 2012

okay... thanks mom

After seeing all the work it entailed, I decided a while ago that I probably wouldn't do scrapbooking. Ever.  I'm too self-critical and changeable, and I thought I'd always be making a page and then hating it and ripping it out. I told myself it was cheesy.
But when I started flipping through our family scrapbooks the other day, looking for a picture to draw for illustration class, I ended up sitting on the floor for like an hour and a half. 

 I never looked nice as a baby.
 Odd bonding between enemies over the automatic cat litter box.
 Bowling league. I thought that headband-scarf (the kind you tied round your head with little strings - remember?) made me the hottest thing on the planet.
 Sewing gone wrong.
 Childhood triumphs.

Actually, scrapbooks are great.
Mom? I'm about to say your favorite words:

You were right and I was wrong.

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