16 May, 2011

what's all this about lonely gods?

Feeling rather dithery today.  Probably been reading for too long, if that's possible.

How important is it that I investigate Doctor Who?  I have a vague feeling that I would like it if I did look into it.  The people I know who like it also list The Hitchhiker's Guide and Monty Python as favorites - both of which I happen to adore.  Plus I wouldn't feel so left out when my mates have these sort of doctor who worship fests on facebook.

What will I do after I've finished all the Lord Peter Wimsey books? I've only got two more. Read the 23 other books I checked out from the library, I suppose.  But it will be a little sad.  What a delightful couple of weeks of reading it has been, what?

Will I ever have a good French class?  So far it's been 2-0, baddies decidedly winning.  The bummer is, I really do want to learn French.  I know I'm missing clues when Poirot says things in French. Unfair, that's what I call it.

This weekend, I spent about three hours on wikipedia, looking up alcoholic beverages.  I did this, she hastily explained, because I read a lot of books where people get themselves a drink, or toddle over to the bar, or offer their guests refreshment, about every three pages.  And I never, EVER know what the drinks really are or what they're supposed to look like.  Well, I should say I never used to know - I do now.  I drew little pictures of the drinks I come across about most often (brandy, sherry, whiskey and sodas, etc. in their appropriate glasses, thank you very much!) and then painted them in appropriate colors.   I'm positively bursting with information.  Port, for instance, is just wine that comes from Portugal.  How totally understandable and logical is that?  I always thought port was something quite different than wine.  And Madeira - also wine - just has to come from the Madeira islands.  I finally get why they use a snifter - though I will never understand why they had to give the glass such a silly name. I always thought it was just affectation, holding a glass that way.

Anyways, I think I am going to make a whole set of charts about things in books.  I like to picture what I'm reading very accurately, as you can see.
So far, I've thought to look up:

Types of noses
Difficult foods.  The sort characters get at fancy restaurants, I mean.
Jane Austen attire and miscellany
The more obscure types of furniture.  I can guess what a hip bath looks like, but I'd rather know.
Possibly, if I am very brave, a less pictorial chart about levels of English nobility and all that.  It wouldn't be fun but it would be very helpful
Particular types of facial differences - ears, for instance - that detectives use when identifying people/bodies

I'm sure I'll think of more.
On the subject of obscure information, I also looked up gunshot residue the other day, and read some very interesting things.  I wanted to know if people could conceivably fake suicides these days, the way they do in Agatha Christie novels.  It seems like it would be pretty darn hard nowadays, with all the tests I'm sure the cops have at their disposal.  The only way it could work is, obviously,  if you managed to get some of residue on the dead person's hand - and the only really safe way I could think of doing that is by getting them to shoot the gun earlier in the day.  For example, pretend there's a party at a country house and Lord so and so has just bought a new gun or is slightly eccentric and makes reproduction pistols in his attic. If everybody is cajoled into shooting the thing, you would have realistic residue on your future corpse's hand.

Oh. My. Gosh.  Am I really this insane?  I'm not planning to murder anybody, I promise. I just wondered.

Er... I think I'm going to go for a walk.


  1. I have trouble even motivating myself to look up a quick word I don't understand while I'm reading. You. Are amazing.

    I am genuinely impressed. And I had no idea about Port, thinking that it was in a category all its own. But now I know, thank you.

  2. I have recently discovered Doctor Who. It is just as silly as you'd imagine a show about time travel and aliens to be, but it somehow gets under your skin and is really rather endearing. I love it. I even made a TARDIS out of a cardboard box with my kids.

    And I wholeheartedly support your research. Someday, let's be real-life friends. :)

  3. I'm a granny, grew up in the 60s, and I never got to see Dr. Who (living in Canada? not having access to TV for portions of my life?) so you have inspired me to look into that as well... although it does seem rather silly at this time in the world's history, and at my age : ) I much enjoyed this post! Cheers! ~Cynthia from rawgenesis.com

  4. Ha! Thanks. I NEVER look up words when I'm reading. Too lazy. I always guess, and usually guess wrong.

    Good to know. I saw that TARDIS and it made me wonder about the show even more. And that's a fabulous idea.

    I know what you mean! When you put things into perspective they do seem silly. But the way I figure it, I can't be serious all the time :) Do you know, you are the first person who has ever actually said (or in this case typed) "cheers" to me? Fantastic! I love that word!