06 May, 2011

broadway always wears a smile

It's been a while, has not it?  It feels so good to stretch my narcissistic blog muscles again.

SO! I turned 18 during Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull or whatever that monstrosity was called - guess what I will be watching when I turn 21?  (Puts on posh British accent while doing foofy hand-motions) The American Ballet Theatre performing Giselle.  Yes!  How infinitely chic-er can you get? (I must be very tired, because I almost made some very, very bad, pun-laden jokes about the leap - see? - from bad movie to good ballet.)  We are going to New York and Boston for an actual, real vacation.  We NEVER go on vacation.  We always go to something - a speech tournament, Aunt Nancy's birthday - and pretend that it is a vacation.   I have to pretend pretty hard sometimes.

Anyways, I'm dreadfully excited.  In Boston we are going to see John Williams directing the Boston Pops.  My dear sister almost pees her pants when she thinks about it.  She wants to make movie music for a living, and he's her favorite composer.  When I think about Boston, I also get very excited because after three years of waiting, I will finally be able to buy a sweatshirt with Harvard on it, spelled phonetically.

In New York we are also going to see (triumphant horn blow!) How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.  Well, Dad and I are going to see How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying - Mom and Cee are going to see Daniel Radcliffe.

Because I must burn off this excitement or I will never go to sleep, here is a small pictorial representation of what this trip will be:


I like New York very much.

Okay, right now I am going to think of every song I can... um... think of that mentions New York.

"New York, New York, it's a wonderful town!"
"Autumn in New York, something something ah something..."
"NYC, just got here this morning! Three buck, two bags, one me!"
"I guess the Lord must be in New York City..."

Oh dear. This is bad.  One of the songs is from Annie, for crying out loud! Think, Kelsey!
Do songs like "the Lady is a Tramp" and "Uptown Girl" and that rap that says something about Tribeca count?  New York is implied...

Oh! oh! on a side note, I've read like five Dorothy Sayers novels this week.  Lord Peter Wimsey's piffle is just so delightful, I can't seem to stop.

I read somewhere that Christopher Paolini is digging a hobbit house in his backyard.  I would almost - almost - write and ask if that's true.  Because that's just great.

On the subject of hobbits, the guy who played Arthur Dent in the Hitchhiker's Guide movie is going to be perfect as Bilbo.  The man can say, "I need a cuppa tea" with such believable passion... he's going to be a dead cert.

These side notes were meant to distract the reader away from the fact that I know four measly songs off the top of my head that directly mention New York.  Pathetic.


  1. Cute blog! Out family "vacations" sound quite similar to yours.lol I also love the name of your blog what made you come up with that?lol

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  3. Thanks! Those vacations...
    The name came, in kind of a vague way, from facebook and the rampant sharing of every little thing that people do. I blab about all the boring details here! Saves my friends the agony :P