04 December, 2010

If I had a twitter account, or didn't want to further alienate the few friends I have on facebook, I would scream I HATE FRENCH CLASS I HATE FRENCH CLASS I HATE FRENCH CLASS on it.  Right now.  Like that.  Because I hate it.  Or at least supremely dislike it.  That's two rotten French classes now.  I think I will have to give up on this language because the people who teach it in my world are morons or something.  And the sad thing is I actually do want to learn French.

Ugh.   I had to get that out.  Now that I've cried and screamed and got it all out of me I will either go take a bath or try to find Swiss Family Robinson (I have no idea why a sudden desire to watch that movie popped into my head) and then give up searching for it and watch Bend it Like Beckham instead.  I'm in an odd mood.  Feeling an urge to paint my nails and watch teen movies.  Or very bad action movies.

By the way, I finally bought another copy of The Elements of Style and read the darn thing.  I am a bad writer.  But, anyways, it's a marvelous book.  Like Mere Christianity - it conveys so much so compactly.

Whoo.  I am calm now.  Thanks for listening, my dear blog.  Goodbye.


  1. Not even kidding... I have been BEGGING my husband and kids to sit down and watch swiss family robinson with me. It's actually all on You-tube and I've been playing the scene where they fight over reberta (that's her name, right?) and dance around to the mom's piano playing.

    AND I took three years of French, only managing to learn the following phrase: Je ne sais pas.

  2. How funny! I'm so glad you said it's on youtube - I didn't think to look there. I know what I'm doing tonight. I think you're right about the name. I'm so excited to go watch it!

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! That is hilarious, and it makes me feel much better. It's a very useful phrase, really.