23 April, 2010

blog blogging blahg

Amazing! I realized, about ten seconds ago, that I honestly don't care that no one reads my blog.  Really.  I don't.  Not just for the obvious reasons (It makes me sound like narcissistic whiner, it's boring, my grammar is terrible) but also because I'm genuinely glad that people have better things to do with their time.  I mean, you'd have to be desperate - or, like, seriously unhinged - to spend your battery power here and call it super fun.  Youtube anyone?  Or searching for good free stuff or sweet podcasts on itunes?  Hunting through the Netflix instant watch lists for a BBC mini-series yet unwatched?
Um. So, I have to go... do something else.

PS - since we are all about self-centered shallowness here, we are pleased to inform you that Miss Idler has found a transfer college to... transfer to. This has been a long, painful search for miss Idler, and we - her vital organs - are glad to see that the stress accompanying it will soon be a thing of the past.
("A thing of the past my ventricle!" Shouted the heart, reddening. "It's no good sniveling like a stupid baby, liver. She will kill us all with fretfulness. Just wait - we'll all be dead when she has to plan a wedding or something.")

PPS - Since we are also all about blogging this afternoon, may I say that I really love Blogger.  I mean, not only do they give me free blogs by the dozen, they supply me with hours of mindless enjoyment.  Does anyone else find it hilarious that, when you click "Next Blog", the next few blogs are, supposedly, intended to match your blog's subject?  Well, I guess thatisn't hilarious - but it is hilarious that I get ALL cricketing blogs when I click next in one of my blogs, and very eastern spiritual-ish blogs with another.  And, uh, neither of my blogs have anything to do with cricket or eastern spiritual-y stuff.  Oh, dear.

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