25 June, 2012

Music Dept., this is Kelsey.

Guess where I am RIGHT NOW?

Before you guess some place that's actually cool, like Iceland or Colorado, I will tell you.
I am currently sitting behind a rather unattractive reception desk in the dinky, freezing office of the Music Department Division of Performance Studies at my beloved university.

Yes! I am one of those lucky, lucky students shamelessly availing themselves of fellow students' tuition money by doing almost NOTHING and calling it work-study.  I started last week and I can already say that this is, without a doubt, the smartest employment decision I have ever made.

The fact that I am writing a blog post while "working" is a pretty clear indicator of how dull and free this kind of job is.  I have spent a large majority of my time working here reading A Walk in the Woods for the millionth time and sketching band logo ideas. No joke.

Here's how a typical day might run down:
  • Arrive, and sit reading for an hour, waiting for something to do.
  • A small task, such as shredding a stack of paper, is given to me and I am happily occupied for about fifteen minutes. 
  • I sit some more.  Maybe check facebook or sketch for a bit. 
  • A phone rings.  I transfer a call.
  • More sitting. 
  • I go home. 
I'm not kidding! This is what it's like!  I can hardly believe my luck.  Once I got to deliver an inter-office memo envelope across campus.  What an adventure it was! 

Oo.  The boss just came in.  I might get to go get a paper from Purchasing! (What is Purchasing, anyways? I haven't the foggiest.)

I've got to go. Important business is afoot!  Papers must be carried! Things must be signed!  Sticky notes must be stuck!

I love this job. 

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