30 November, 2010

Well, I have only one vaguely interesting thing to say: I am writing this on a mac.  I'ms sure you noticed, dear blog, that my cool points have increased exponentially.  Also, typing on such an aesthetically pleasing machine has automatically made my writing better.  Obviously.

Besides the news about my newly attained cool points, I have nothing to tell.  On a whim I dyed my hair brownish while staying with Grandma and Grandpa in Ohio.  I gained 4 pounds over thanksgiving, which is disgusting.  I bought myself a thesaurus and the complete Hitchhiker's Guide book - the one that's all five books in one.  I watched movies this evening.  My life is fantastically boring right now.  I should probably be glad about this, but I'm not.  I might go take a bath. Though I've nearly taken all the baths I can justify. (Whoever among my imaginary readers gets that nerdy reference wins a prize! I mean it!)

Honestly, there was no reason for me to write this at all.  I just wanted something to do that did not involve homework.


  1. I started reading Wind in the Willows yesterday. You are right. It IS lovely!

  2. Part six of the trilogy is also out...written by a ghost writer seeing that the great Douglas Adams is dead...but as good as any. You may wanna pick it up as well.

  3. I'm so glad! I think it's one of the most perfect books I've ever read.

    I didn't know about the sixth book - thanks. That news fills my heart with joy.