02 July, 2010

Okay, I already blabbed a bit about Amelie, but let's talk about it some more, okay blog?
As you may or many not remember blog, I saw it for the first time the other day (On June 25 at 8:33 PM and and 26 seconds) and since then I have watched it two more times.   After the third watch, at about three in the morning, I cut myself some short-ish bangs, even though I knew it would look terrible, to publicly display my adoration. Mostly, people have just asked if I'm feeling well.
I think I can almost call myself a fan at this point.
I love it. The color, the quirkiness - all of it.  It's a small story, really . In a lot of movies nowadays, the characters end up famous or rich, or they meet or work for or marry a famous/rich person, but Amelie is about a small circle of normal-ish people living their messy lives. 
I realized as I watched that my old room (pre-move) was almost entirely white. 

My bedding was white, the walls were white, everything was white white white.  All my (gulp, embarrassment) other blogs are white on white.  The apartment room I've got now is blah beige. I wear black and gray almost exclusively. 
Sure, white looks clean and black is nice.  But a little color isn't a bad thing, is it?  
And after watching the movie I felt very sorry that I don't do funny little things for people.
But hey! Gee whiz! I can make my life as colorful and quirky as I darn well feel like making it. And there's nothing you can do to stop me!  Wa ha ha! 
Let's make this post absurdly long, shall we? Because this is my blog and I can post if I want to (which sounds distressingly like the mix of a terrible pop song and me me me mindset) let's have a little Oh My Gosh How Fantastic party and swoon over some pictures. Let's talk about color, k?  'Cause it is like so totally like gorgeous! 
So, IMDB says that the color choices in the movie were inspired by the paintings of Juarez Machado. 

Which is pretty sweet, even if somebody just made it up. 


I guess it's the whole complimentary color thing, but the berries make it pop, don't they? And I've never seen such good casting - this kid is perfect.  It's so bothersome when kids cast as the younger version of  a character don't match the adults.  How is this movie so perfect?

The red room.  I've been googling (what a stupid word) and a ton of people have written blog posts about that red room.  (And about how they all cut their hair and started listing their likes and dislikes after they first saw the movie.)
And, my favorite:

My gosh.  I mean... gosh. 

So, there.  I've swooned yet again. I hope, blog, that you swooned too. 

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