31 August, 2013

My dear lady disdain, are you yet living?

We went and saw Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing tonight.  "We" being my sister, her buddy, Craig, and me. It was showing at our local indie-weirdo theatre that has enough bad oil paintings of dogs to fill an entire block of coffee shops.  It's also one of those places where the film is unceremoniously scooted up to fit the screen as the movie is starting, and you can hear the camera clacking away in the background the whole time.  There's always only two other groups of movie goers in those theatres - three to four thirty year olds who are all single, on the prowl, and laughing too loudly, and an old couple that I pray I am like some day.

The movie itself was pretty darn good.  There's always a few minutes where you go, "Whaaaa?" at the language with Shakespeare, regardless of how much you've read or seen.  But then something clicks or deep, ancestral understanding kicks in and you get it.  The acting was, by and large, excellent.  And they managed to toss in great comedic moments that weren't necessarily in the original script. Benedick stumbling over saying "marriage," for instance. Spot on.

But! Anyways, school has started and its shaping up to be a spectacular semester. For one thing, I'm taking an editorial illustration class from the man who did this:

It's a little intimidating.  To say the least. I'm determined, though, to get as much knowledge as I can out of him while he is contractually obligated to teach me.  We'll see what happens.


  1. Congratulations! I'm envious that you're taking a class in something you actually want to learn about, from someone you actually admire.

  2. Thanks! I feel awfully lucky and somewhat undeserving. It's all very nice.